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Makersuite PLA+ Filament

Makersuite PLA+ Filament

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PLA+ filament for 3D printing colorbox package

PLA+ Parameter Performance Parameters
Density - 1.2g/cm³
Melt Index - 14(190℃/216kg)g/10min
Tensile Strength - ≥ 50MPa
Elongation at break - 11.20%
Bending strength - 91MPa
Flexural modulus - 1913 MPa
Izod notched impact strength - 5.4kj/m²
Heat distortion temperature - 53℃(0.45MPa)
Fan - 100%
Line length - (1.75mm) 330-335m

Recommended Printing Parameters
Print temperature - 190~220°C (recommended 205°C)
Base plate temperature - 50-65℃
Printing speed - 30-70mm/s
Recommended platform - Glass/carbon fiber + solid glue or 3M blue textured paper

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Brand: Makersuite

Type: Filament

Weight: 1 kg


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