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Phrozen Aqua-Ivory 4K Resin, 1Kg

Phrozen Aqua-Ivory 4K Resin, 1Kg

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Introducing Phrozen's Aqua 4K Resin in the elegant Ivory shade, a versatile solution that combines aesthetic appeal with top-notch performance. Delve into your 3D printing projects with confidence as this resin offers impeccable detail and a polished finish, perfect for creating intricate designs and functional prototypes. The Ivory variant adds a touch of sophistication to your prints, and with its minimal shrinkage and easy post-printing cleanup, it's a hassle-free choice for both creative enthusiasts and professional makers seeking exceptional results.

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Brand: Phrozen

Type: Resin

Weight: 1 kg

Dimension: 1kg / bottle

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