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Phrozen Castable Resin, W20 Green 500g

Phrozen Castable Resin, W20 Green 500g

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Elevate your creative journey with Phrozen's Castable Resin W20 Green. Designed to perfection for jewelry and design applications, this resin enables you to craft intricate and finely detailed pieces with unparalleled precision, ensuring your creations exceed expectations. Whether you're a passionate jewelry artisan or a dedicated designer, Phrozen's Castable Resin W20 Green revolutionizes your creative process, bringing your ideas to life with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

20% wax content.
Formulated for casting light to medium pieces.
Low shrinkage, high precision. Produces prints with smooth and crisp surface finishing.
With a minimal number of gates, you can easily cast anything you desire. Set up your printed models and clean up casted 3D models effortlessly.
No foul nor strong odor.

Weight: 500g per bottle
Viscosity: 190-250 cP
Density: 1.07 g/cm3
Surface Hardness: 65 Shore D
Verified clean burnout with these investments: "Prestige Optima", "Plasticast" and "Ultravest Maxx"
Ash content: 0.0-0.1% (ASTM E1131; TGA)

*All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

*Prices are subjected to change without notice.
*Local Distributor Warranty.

Brand: Phrozen

Type: Resin

Weight: 500 g

Dimension: 500g / bottle

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