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Phrozen Cure Mega

Phrozen Cure Mega

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Large prints need large solutions; this is where Phrozen Cure Mega comes in. Without proper curing assistance, large prints can easily fail. Phrozen Cure Mega comes with 40 X 40 X 45cm mega chamber size. With a 405nm powerful UV light strength and a 360-degree rotating stand, Phrozen Cure Mega cures large prints or multiple smaller-sized models in a flash, regardless of size.

Don’t let your models fail at this crucial stage. Store your models in the chamber and with a click of a button, your models will be properly cured in an hour or less.

*Prices are subjected to change without notice.
*Local Distributor Warranty

Brand: Phrozen

Type: Curing Machine

Weight: 25 kg

Dimension: 480x450x610mm

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